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Laboratory Testing Services

what is it?

Quality integrative health care requires a clear understanding of the nature of your health concern. Well selected laboratory and clinical testing provides essential information towards a comprehensive assessment of your health care needs. At Acacia, we provide a wide variety of tests and in-house assessment services to ensure we address your health care needs appropriately.

Our Naturopathic Doctors can requisition conventional blood, stool and urine tests through LifeLabs.

In addition, we can order a broad range of in-depth and informative tests to evaluate:

Within BC you now have access to your lab results online. To sign up click here.

For an overview of some of the many tests offered at Acacia see below:

General Medical Tests

Neurological and Mental/Emotional Asssessment

Allergy Tests

Hormonal Tests

Digestive and Nutritional Assessment

Toxins, Heavy Metal, and Detoxification Capacity Tests

Gynecological Tests

Respiratory Assessment

Special Access Assessment

Additional In-House Assessments

For more information about specific tests offered at Acacia, book an appointment with one of our Naturopathic Doctors.