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Laboratory Testing Services

what is it?

Quality integrative health care requires a clear understanding of the nature of your health concern. Well selected laboratory and clinical testing provides essential information towards a comprehensive assessment of your health care needs. At Acacia, we provide a wide variety of tests and in-house assessment services to ensure we address your health care needs appropriately.

Our Naturopathic Doctors can requisition conventional blood, stool and urine tests through LifeLabs.

In addition, we can order a broad range of in-depth and informative tests to evaluate:

Within BC you now have access to your lab results online. To sign up click here.

For an overview of some of the many tests offered at Acacia see below:

General Medical Tests

Neurological and Mental/Emotional Assessment

Allergy Tests (all tests are subject to professional interpretation)

Hormonal Tests

Digestive and Nutritional Assessment

Toxins, Heavy Metal, and Detoxification Capacity Tests

Gynecological Tests

Special Access Assessment

Additional In-House Assessments

For more information about specific tests offered at Acacia, book an appointment with one of our Naturopathic Doctors.