Dr Jaime de Melo

Naturopathic Doctor

Acacia Dockside


Dr. Jaime de Melo is a passionate Naturopathic Physician and Educator in Victoria British Columbia. He is a thorough and meticulous physician that comprehensively assesses patient concerns.

Special Interests

Dr. Jaime believes that healthy respiration and digestion are foundations to optimal health. He has a special interest in treating disorders of the respiratory and digestive Systems. He is also skilled at assessing and treating musculoskeletal concerns to help patients with injuries and pain management. He frequently treats patients with:

  • Respiratory conditions: allergies, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis
  • Digestive concerns: gas and bloating, heartburn, IBS, Colitis, Crohn’s
  • Orthopaedic concerns: Osteoarthritis, ligament, tendons and joint injuries
  • Cardiovascular: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lowering cardiovascular risk
  • Metabolic: improving blood sugar control, improving metabolism

In his general family practice he often treats patients with musculoskeletal concerns including low back pain and repetitive strain injuries. He treats infants and children and answers parent questions regarding food sensitivities or allergies, food introduction schedules, and sleep issues. He also treats adults with blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol concerns.

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