Food has the power to enhance lives and improve health.

Dietitians translate the science of nutrition into terms you can understand and use to support healthy living at any phase of life.

A dietitian can support you if you want to:

  • Improve athletic performance
  • Manage a food intolerance or allergy
  • Gain or lose some weight
  • Learn strategies for a toddler who’s a picky eater

Our Approach

We consider each client’s individual concerns and experiences and work to tailor treatments to your particular needs and therapeutic goals.

Person-centred Care

You are unique—your care should be too. We work with you to create a personal treatment plan.

Patient Education

We empower you to better understand your symptoms and care so you can make informed choices.

Evidence-based Care

We apply current, reliable research and evidence to inform our clinical approach.


Our team is our biggest asset. We work together across disciplines to offer you the best care.

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Dietitians use the science of nutrition to help you understand the connection between food and health.

Dietitians are regulated health professionals who use expertise in food and nutrition to improve health and wellness. A dietitian can help translate scientific, medical and nutrition information into a practical, personal nutrition plan to meet your specific needs.

Your dietitian can coach you through diet and lifestyle changes as you work to achieve your goals or manage disease. They will offer personalized guidance and suggest practical guidelines you can use to make nutritious food choices that are right for you.

Dietitians can also:

  • Help you and your family members achieve and maintain wellness by developing a healthy lifestyle unique to your needs
  • Work with you if you are physically active or a serious athlete to meet sports nutrition needs
  • Help you with label reading and grocery shopping
  • Analyze and adapt your favourite recipes to meet your lifestyle and health needs

Canadian dietitians are held to high professional standards and are regulated under the Health Professions Act, Dietitians Regulation and the Certified Dietitians of B.C. bylaws. Dietitian services are covered by many extended health benefit plans and insurance providers in B.C.

  • Help to manage chronic illness or disease (e.g. Diabetes)
  • Receive personalized nutritional advice from an expert
  • Support to navigate food allergies, sensitivities, weight and overall nutritional knowledge
  • Help to separate fact from fiction in the masses of information available

Initial appointment:
About 1 hour

During this time your dietitian will:

  • Listen to your concerns and health history
  • Do a comprehensive assessment to determine goals, preferences, and current knowledge and practices
  • Answer your nutrition questions
  • Provide nutrition counselling and resources as needed
  • Work with you to create practical solutions and a personalized nutrition plan
  • Propose a treatment plan

Follow-up appointments:
20 to 60 minutes

Follow-up appointments are recommended to monitor how well your current plan is working, provide support, encourage accountability and plan the next steps. These appointments can be in person or by phone.

Our Practitioners

We take an empathetic approach to your care and always provide the most up-to-date information and resources. We want to help you on your journey to recovery.

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