Yoga therapy can help whether you can’t move at all or are very active.

Yoga therapy is a personalized approach to yoga. This therapy uses tools like poses, breathwork or meditation techniques to address your physical, mental and emotional wellness.

This therapy is ideal if you’re:

  • Curious about your movement patterns
  • Recovering from an old injury
  • Nervous about trying yoga or yoga classes
  • Have experienced trauma

Our Approach

We consider each client’s individual concerns and experiences and work to tailor treatments to your particular needs and therapeutic goals.

Person-centred Care

You are unique—your care should be too. We work with you to create a personal treatment plan.

Patient Education

We empower you to better understand your symptoms and care so you can make informed choices.

Evidence-based Care

We apply current, reliable research and evidence to inform our clinical approach.


Our team is our biggest asset. We work together across disciplines to offer you the best care.

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Progress toward movement and improved health using personalized yoga practices in a small group setting.

Yoga therapy uses specific yoga practices to help improve mental and physical health. The goal of yoga therapy is to relieve physical and mental health conditions, promote self-care and encourage overall well-being.

Yoga therapists focus on your individual concerns and apply yoga techniques to improve symptoms, movement, function and wellness.

Yoga therapy is a growing field and scientific evidence has begun to highlight its value. Your yoga therapist may recommend:

  • Physical poses to address specific areas of discomfort or imbalances
  • Gentle to advanced movement
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation or visualization practices
  • Reduction in pain
  • Confidence in movement
  • Awareness of body patterns

Your yoga therapy sessions will most likely include:

  • Individualized instruction
  • Classes taught in groups of six people or less
  • Sessions that involve breathing techniques, poses (asana), relaxation techniques, or the promotion of behavioural changes
  • Interactive opportunities to ask questions and get clarity on body patterns.

General info

Classes are available on:

  • Wednesdays at 4:30 pm
  • Wednesdays at 6:00 pm

Sign up prior to class by booking online or calling the clinic at 250-475-1522, ext 1.

We supply mats and props, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. Please wear clothing you can move in and bring a water bottle.

Packages are available; please speak to our reception staff for details and to purchase.

Our Practitioners

We take an empathetic approach to your care and always provide the most up-to-date information and resources. We want to help you on your journey to recovery.

Not sure where to start? Call 250-475-1522, ext 1. and our patient care coordinators will help.

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