Jo Shay

Yoga Therapist

Acacia Westside


Jo Shay has been practicing yoga since 16-years-old, when her brilliant mum put her in a class hoping it would help her heart heal. Not only did Jo find her safe space on the mat, but she found her love of the human experience. She completed her first teacher training in 2010 and went on to complete a Yoga Therapy certification in 2014. As an avid student, Jo has completed over 1000 hours of yoga specific training.

Jo’s teaching style is a blend of hatha and therapeutic yoga. Hatha yoga is a broad term simply referring to combining breath with poses. Many styles of yoga we are familiar with fall under hatha yoga (ashtanga, yin, vinyasa, etc). Therapeutic yoga goes deeper into anatomy with the understanding that although our parts are the same each person is built differently.

She firmly believes that yoga shouldn’t be about whether you can touch your toes or how you look on the mat, but rather about finding an understanding of your own unique body and how it flows. It is important for Jo to meet people where they are at on any given day, and as such, prefer smaller class sizes or one on one teaching.

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