If you receive rehabilitation and treatment in the weeks immediately following a motor vehicle accident, it can dramatically reduce symptoms and improve your overall recovery.

Acacia’s ICBC care team offers the following covered services:

  • Chiropractic
  • Physiotherapy
  • Kinesiology
  • Acupuncture
  • Clinical counselling
  • Massage therapy
  • Athletic therapy

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ICBC uses a care-based model that focuses on ease of access to health services. The ICBC injury claim process includes a pre-approved number of appointments for a variety of different therapeutic treatments.

Once you initiate your claim with ICBC, your adjuster should provide you with a claim number and details about what your accident benefits will cover.

How To Book

To book an initial ICBC appointment, have your claim number ready and call (250) 475-1522 ext. 1 to speak to one of our patient care coordinators. You can book your follow-up appointments online.

Possible fees

Some ICBC coverage amounts may differ from our standard appointment fees. If you have extended health benefits you may be able to claim any additional costs. Please note, however we are unable to direct bill these fees to your extended health plan provider.

Did your accident occur more than 12 weeks ago?

If your accident was more than 12 weeks ago you are no longer pre-approved for treatment coverage by ICBC. We recommend you contact your ICBC claim adjuster before your appointment to confirm coverage.

Your practitioner will submit a treatment plan to ICBC for approval of additional treatment after your first appointment. You will have to pay for your first appointment and submit the receipt to ICBC to be reimbursed once the treatment plan is approved.