Our Mission and Values

Create a warm, welcoming foundation for health and positive change.

Client-Centred, Patient-First

Each client’s unique needs and goals are our top priority. We focus on you and your individual experience to provide a personalized approach.

Warm and Caring Community

We welcome all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations and abilities. We treat each individual fairly, with respect and compassion. We create a space where everyone belongs.


Innovation and inspiration are the results that come from cooperation and teamwork. Each of our team members works together as a collective to always offer the best possible care.

Outstanding, Evidence-Based Care

Multidisciplinary, collaborative care is evidence-based best practice. We commit to constantly learning, evolving and applying the most up-to-date approach and technology.


We expect honesty in communication and are true to ourselves in our interactions. We hold each other accountable.

Meet The Team

Authentic. Approachable. Progressive.

We are a team of healthcare professionals from a wide variety of complementary natural healthcare disciplines who deliver results.

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Our Story

How It Started

Acacia health began in 2001 as the solo private practice of Dr. Pamela Hutchison, ND. Her original office was in the basement of a converted character house in downtown Victoria but that didn’t last long. Dr. Pam’s practice quickly grew and soon she was operating from the top floor of that same character house.

Within five years she had two new team members and in 2008 moved to the larger, platinum LEED-certified Dockside location. Acacia continued to expand dramatically and the Westside location was opened in 2016 to create the second location in the pair of thriving, multidisciplinary health clinics.

      Acacia Tree

      The Tree of Life

      With its wide-spreading canopy, the Acacia tree provides shade and serves as a gathering place for people needing rest from the hot sun in Africa, Australia and the Middle East—countries where the tree is common. Animals know this tree indicates water is near, and they will follow a line of Acacia trees to a watering hole.

      In Jewish and Egyptian traditions, the Acacia tree is the Tree of Life, which is variously construed to symbolize wisdom and calmness or to represent the places where communities gather to learn or to worship.

      This plant symbolizes a coming together, the creation of community, and the values of wisdom and learning. It reflects the values we hold as a team of professionals.

        Community Work

        Being respectful, active members of our local community matters. We embrace our responsibility as a local business to engage with, collaborate with and offer support to our partners and community members.

        These are some of our partners and friends:

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        We’re located in Vic West, a historic neighbourhood just across the harbour from downtown Victoria, B.C. Our two locations are only 300m apart. Each offers its own set of disciplines for health and wellness. We want to get to know you.

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