Iron infusions supply iron directly to your blood stream

This treatment is helpful if you:

  • Can’t swallow or take it iron by mouth
  • Can’t absorb enough iron because of excessive blood loss or pregnancy
  • Have difficulty absorbing iron adequately through your gut

You’ll need to consult with a naturopathic doctor, or your primary care provider, to explore whether this therapy is right for you. Bloodwork is required before your first treatment.

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An iron infusion (IV Iron) is a method of delivering iron to your body through an intravenous line, directly into your blood stream. These infusions increase the levels of iron and hemoglobin in your body quickly.

Lowered iron levels in your body can be caused by:

  • Blood loss
  • A diet low in iron
  • Prescription medications that affect your body’s ability to absorb iron
  • An increased need for iron in your body, for example, during pregnancy

Iron is one of many minerals in the human body. Your body needs iron to create hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the protein found in red blood cells that transports oxygen throughout your body.

Iron infusions have been shown to be more effective and better tolerated than taking oral iron supplements. How much your iron levels increase after a treatment depends on the dose you received and how low your iron levels were at the time of your treatment. Generally, patient’s levels rise significantly compared to their levels before the infusion.

There are two types of iron infusions, which option will be based on your personal needs and related health conditions.

Monoferric Iron (ferric derisomaltose) can be given in larger doses per infusion, but takes longer to administer. We do not provide this form to pregnant patients.

Venofer Iron (iron sucrose) can be given in smaller doses per infusion. This iron is used for pregnant patients.

    Iron infusion costs include:

    • The initial consultation fee: $130.00
    • Venofer Iron infusion: $150 per infusion
    • Monferric Iron infusion: $235 per infusion
    • Labwork: approximately $65.00 if completed through Acacia Health (accurate as of March 2024). We need results from a CBC and Ferritin lab dated within three months of your appointment
    • Additional labs costs vary based on required labwork

    Please review the Cost for Patient.  These costs are for IV Iron Prescriptions through PURE Compounding pharmacy (accurate as of March 2024).

    Coverage depends on your personal health benefit provider and plan, or if you qualify for Pharmacare coverage. A pharmacist can check your coverage, or you can contact your benefits provider for details.

      Within 3 months of your intake visit, we require – at minimum –  a Complete Blood Cell Count (CBC) and serum Ferritin. Please note that more tests may be required, depending on circumstances. Your naturopathic doctor will be able to discuss if further tests are required.

        Your naturopathic doctor will discuss possible side effects during your initial appointment.

        In general, side effects vary based on your individual situation.

        The most serious side effects include a very small chance of severe allergic reaction. We stay with you during treatment to monitor and respond immediately should this rare side effect occur.

        Possible less serious side effects include itching, aching and a fever or rash that occur one to three days after the treatment. We’ll provide prescriptions to help manage any of these symptoms should your experience them.

          IV Iron Consultations are 30-minutes in length, this is for New patients and Existing patients.

          If you are looking for a full health assessment and are not currently a patient of Acacia Health, please schedule the 90-minute Initial appointment with an ND. If you are looking for IV Iron services ONLY please schedule the 30-minute IV Iron consultation.

          Following the IV Iron consultation, you will be scheduled in for your infusion.

          New patients must complete an initial appointment with a naturopath before receiving iron infusions.

          Existing naturopathic patients interested in iron infusions can book a 30 minute appointment to discuss.

          Initial appointment
          About 30 minutes

          Your IV Iron trained naturopathic doctor will take a thorough medical history, discuss the risks and benefits of IV therapy and complete a physical exam. They will make sure all your questions are answered.

          To ensure iron infusion therapy is right for you, your naturopath will:

          • Review your lab work if you provide it
          • Or order lab tests

          Based on the review of your lab work, your naturopath will send a prescription for the appropriate form of iron to a local pharmacy that will deliver it to the clinic ahead of your follow-up appointment.

          You will not receive IV therapy at your initial appointment.

          Follow-up appointment
          About …

          You’ll receive a call from our patient care coordinators who will book an appointment for your infusion.

          Please ensure you’ve eaten and are hydrated before you arrive for your treatment. You’ll receive your IV iron therapy in our dedicated IV lounge.

          It can take a few days to a week to notice changes after treatment. Your naturopath will retest your iron levels four to six weeks after your infusion to assess your response to treatment. 

          Note: IV iron infusion appointments are based on the doctors’ availability. Please call our patient care coordinators with questions about available IV iron infusion dates.

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