Intravenous nutrient therapy (IV therapy) and nutrient injections restore substances that your body lacks because of a health condition, or provide substances to support a health condition.
We offer the following types of IV therapies and injections: 

  • Nutrient infusions, including Iron Infusions
  • Chelation therapy
  • B Vitamin injections, single or combined doses
  • Vitamin D injections

You’ll need to consult with a naturopathic doctor to explore whether these therapies are right for you. Bloodwork may be required before your first treatment.

Our Approach

We consider each client’s individual concerns and experiences and work to tailor treatments to your particular needs and therapeutic goals.

Person-centred Care

You are unique—your care should be too. We work with you to create a personal treatment plan.

Patient Education

We empower you to better understand your symptoms and care so you can make informed choices.

Evidence-based Care

We apply current, reliable research and evidence to inform our clinical approach.


Our team is our biggest asset. We work together across disciplines to offer you the best care.

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Intravenous nutrient therapy (IV therapy) is when a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids are infused through an intravenous line, directly into your blood stream.

Nutrient IV Therapy formulas are created specifically to address your conditions and needs.

Nutrient infusions. These can be single or a combination of vitamins and minerals, including:

  • High Dose Vitamin C
  • Myer’s IVs (B vitamins with minerals)
  • Glutathione

Chelation therapy. The process of receiving a series of amino acid infusions that bind to toxic metals in your body. The amino acids attach to the metals and your body removes both substances through your pee. You can receive chelation therapy orally or intravenously. A single course of chelation therapy takes 10 to 40 weeks to complete. You may require nutrient IVs to help you through the process.

Initial appointment
About 90 minutes

Your naturopath will take a thorough medical history, discuss the risks and benefits of IV therapy and complete a physical exam. They will order appropriate lab tests and make sure all your questions are answered.

You will not receive IV therapy at your initial appointment

Follow-up appointment
Between 30 minutes and two hours, depending on the treatment

Your naturopath will:

  • Monitor your blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation and possibly your blood sugar
  • Place the IV in a large vein in your arm and gently secure it with medical tape
  • Start your infusion and monitor you regularly

You’ll receive IV therapy in a comfortable chair in our designated IV room. We provide water or tea and encourage you to bring a small snack. You can read or use your phone, laptop or tablet with headphones during your treatment.

You may need treatment one to three times a week, for several weeks, then less frequently afterwards to maintain benefit.

Your naturopath may ask for further lab tests to monitor your response to care.

Nutrient injections are large doses of vitamins, injected directly into your muscle. They provide a large dose of B12, other B vitamins or vitamin D. Your muscle gradually releases the nutrients into your bloodstream after the injection.

New patients must complete an initial appointment with a naturopath before receiving nutrient injections.

Existing naturopathic patients interested in nutrient injections can book a 30 minute appointment to discuss.

Initial appointment
About 30 minutes for existing patients

Your naturopath will take a medical history, hear your concerns, and order lab tests, if necessary, to assess your needs and determine if nutrient injections are appropriate and safe for you. They may send you for blood tests before treatment.

Your naturopath will:

  • Discuss the risks and benefits
  • Provide a nutrient injection into a muscle in your arm near your shoulder or in the side of your hip

You may have muscle soreness and pain for a few hours after the shot, similar to getting a vaccination.

Follow-up appointment
About 5 to 10 minutes

The frequency and dose of your nutrient injections vary and are based on your individual needs. Your naturopath will recommend an appropriate care plan.

An experienced team for patients who have significant medical concerns: At Acacia, we have the experience and expertise to safely deliver IV therapy.  Acacia practitioners tend to see people with complex needs and significant health challenges, and we know that this diverse population requires extra care and attention.

We are skilled in the selection and management of IV therapy, and do so with the caution and care you would expect for this type of treatment.  We do not offer a choose-your-own IV therapy menu, because we feel a duty to provide IV therapy only when medically necessary, under the guidance of an experienced doctor.

Dr. Pam, Dr.Ciconne, and Dr. Komonski have taken additional training in IV therapeutics and currently offer this therapy.

Myers Cocktail and Nutrient IV Therapy formulas are altered to meet a specific client’s conditions and individual needs. Treatments may be needed 1-3 times a week, for several weeks, then less frequently thereafter to maintain benefit.

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