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Chelation Therapy

What is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy is the repeated administration of amino acids that strongly bind toxic heavy metals and minerals to remove them from the body. This reduces inflammation and tissue damage caused by these metals. Removal of heavy metals is not the only therapeutic action of chelation therapy. Reductions in serum metals and minerals occur with each treatment — iron, calcium and other minerals — and this repeated depletion may contribute to improvements seen with chelation.

There are two main indications for chelation therapy – heavy metal toxicity (high body stores and/or acute exposure) and cardiovascular disease (atherosclerosis, angina, past heart attack, coronary artery disease). Typically chelation is given through oral or intravenous routes, although suppositories can be an option in some instances. A single course of chelation therapy takes 20-40 weeks to complete and requires monitoring by trained healthcare professionals.

Chelation therapy may be helpful to people with the following concerns:

National Institute of Health’s TACT Trial

The most recent study looking at chelation therapy, the National Institute of Health’s TACT Trial (reported Nov 2012), found that patients with previous heart attacks who received sodium EDTA IV chelation therapy were 18% less likely to require bypass surgery, have another heart attack, have a stroke, die, or be hospitalized for angina.  Patients with Diabetes who received chelation appear to benefit more than average, as these patients were 32% less likely to require bypass surgery, have another heart attack, have a stroke, die, or be hospitalized for angina.  

Also, this study determined chelation therapy to be a safe therapy, as adverse events were extremely minimal.  This was a very large study, and the results further support the use of sodium EDTA chelation in heart disease.

What to Expect

At Acacia we offer chelation therapy using Calcium EDTA, Disodium EDTA, DMPS and DMSA.  The choice of any chelation agent depends upon the particular needs of the patient, what toxic metals are to be removed, and what symptoms and disease process we are trying to improve.

The first step is to have an initial, 90 minute visit with Dr. Pam or Dr. Stephanie who are trained in Chelation Therapy.  They will take a full history, physical exam and request specific tests needed to ensure this is a safe therapy for you.

Once it is established that Chelation Therapy is safe for your body, the next step is to measure what heavy metals are in your system. We do 2, 6-hour urine collections, one before and one after a chelation agent. Both samples are sent to a lab for measurement of toxic elements. When the results arrive from these tests, they can then plan your Chelation Therapy which includes IV or oral chelation agents, dietary recommendations, nutritional supplementation, and support for your liver, kidneys and bowels if needed.

A typical course of IV chelation is 10 to 40 treatments given once weekly with intermittent lab and in-person assessments by the ND. Some patients will require nutrient IVs to help them through the process. Our IV therapy nurse provides the treatments in our IV suite, and we do all we can to make the treatment as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

If you are interested in Chelation Therapy but have more questions, our front end staff would be happy to help.  You can also book a 15 minute free consultation with Dr. Hutchison or Dr. Bayliss to ask more clinical questions regarding this valuable therapy.

Below is a video on the TACT trial – the largest and most comprehensive study done on Chelation therapy to date: