Understanding Peripheral Neuropathy: Causes and Care with Neuro-Acupuncture

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Peripheral neuropathy, a challenging condition causing discomfort and dysfunction in daily life, can be effectively managed with neuro-acupuncture. By exploring its causes and the healing effect of neuro-acupuncture, individuals coping with peripheral neuropathy can find relief.

Let’s delve into the top three causes of this condition and how acupuncture can alleviate symptoms and promote nerve health, offering a path to a more comfortable life.

  1. Diabetes: Elevated blood sugar levels over time can damage nerves, particularly in the feet and hands, making diabetes the most common cause of peripheral neuropathy. This can lead to symptoms like numbness, tingling, squeezing, and burning. Neuro-acupuncture improves blood flow to damaged nerves, reduces inflammation, and stimulates nerve repair, offering relief to those affected.
  2. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy, vital for cancer treatment, can cause peripheral neuropathy as a side effect. The potent medication used in chemotherapy may damage nerves, resulting in numbness and painful sensations. Neuro-acupuncture, a gentle and non-invasive option, offers a comforting way to manage chemotherapy-induced neuropathy, improving quality of life during or following cancer treatment.
  3. Physical Trauma: Injuries from accidents or surgeries can directly damage peripheral nerves, leading to neuropathic symptoms. Neuro-acupuncture stimulates the specific nerves affected, promoting repair, alleviating symptoms, and reducing stress associated with traumatic injuries. It supports the body’s natural healing processes, aiding individuals in regaining function and well-being.

How Does Neuro-Acupuncture Help?

Neuro-acupuncture directly stimulates nerve activity, promoting the body’s natural healing and regulating functions. The treatments trigger the release of neurotransmitters that promote nerve repair, reduce pain signals, and provoke deep relaxation. Additionally, neuro-acupuncture improves blood circulation to damaged nerves, supplying essential nutrients and oxygen for repair and regeneration.

It is a comprehensive treatment for peripheral neuropathy, targeting both symptoms and underlying imbalances.

Jennifer Midlane is an acupuncturist practicing at Acacia Health in Victoria, British Columbia. She focuses on providing effective pain relief and care for those with neurological conditions, bridging the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern scientific research.

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