Spring Cleaning for the Psyche

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As we transition into spring and summer, now is a great time to declutter our minds and our life. While this may seem like a big endeavor at first glance, let’s consider tidying up the most influential areas first, which will have the biggest positive effect on your life. Check out these life areas first: Behaviours, Relationships and Personal space.

  1. Behaviours

This could include cooking healthy meals for yourself vs. eating out, speaking up for yourself vs. remaining quiet, taking a risk vs. playing it safe…And many more ideas!

  1. Relationships

This could include letting go of a toxic friendship, taking up a new activity with your partner to better connect with each other, reaching out to a relative you have lost touch with…And many more ideas!

  1. Personal Space

This could include donating clothes/other items, creating that meditation corner or work space you have been wanting for yourself, organizing all your paperwork…And many more ideas!

Once you have identified ideas in each category that need some attention…Simply ask yourself two questions: Is this productive/useful? And is this enjoyable?

Whether it is a clothing item, a relationship or creating a new healthy habit – for it to remain in your life, it needs to be serving you! This means it either needs to be useful or enjoyable – hopefully both!

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