Recipe for Happiness

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One pinch of purpose and a handful of connectedness:

As summer starts to wind down, it’s a good time to look ahead and see what we can set in motion for ourselves for the upcoming months. Transitional times offer us a chance to assess life areas that need some attention and direction. Let’s look at two broad categories that have been shown to significantly increase our happiness and quality of life: Purpose & Connectedness.



Purpose involves engaging in meaningful activity that corresponds to our values, interests and self-expression. Incongruence with self (purpose) can be major source of depression and anxiety. What does purpose mean to you? What do you find meaningful? What do you really want for you life?


Areas of life connected to our purpose: Career, Education, Hobbies, Creativity, Spirituality, Psychology and much more!



Connectedness is our quality relationships with family, friends, intimate partners, colleagues and community; As well as our connection to nature, home and Self.

What are your primary quality social connections? How do you connect with yourself and your environment?


Areas of life related to connectedness: Relationships, Recreation, Travel, Volunteering, Nature, Home, Physical and Mental Health, Spirituality, Music, Creativity, Food and much more!

Once you’ve identified which of these areas needs improvement…

What would your long term goal be in that area?

What is one idea you could complete this week in the direction of your goal?

(Start with the area that would have the biggest positive effect on your life!)


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