Protein Redistribution Diet for folks with Parkinson’s Disease.

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Dr. Pamela Hutchison ND and Tiffany Rusch RD created this presentation for PWP Victoria and presented on January 25, 2021.

In this video we discuss:

1) Why the Protein Redistribution Diet (PRD) improves levodopa effect (and reduces motor fluctuations)
2) How to determine if this may be a good intervention for you (or your loved one).
3) The risks and benefits of the diet
4) How to plan and implement the diet.
5) Why education and support are key to success with PRD.

This video was produced during a virtual presentation to the Parkinson’s Wellness Project (PWP) in Victoria BC on January 25, 2021.

We thank the PWP for all the support they provide to people with Parkinson’s Disease in Victoria, and for the opportunity to present to the community.


Please note: The content of this video is intended for educational purposes only. Please consult with your trusted medical professional before making any changes to your health care plan.