Marina Insley (Athletic Therapist) tells us why she loves what she does!

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I have such a strong passion for helping others. I believe this stemmed from having grown up as a competitive athlete in many sports, being a part of different teams, and having my fair share of injuries and aches and pains.

“Why I love what I do.” I can think of SO many reasons, but I’m going to go this route. A huge part of therapy that is often overlooked, from any injury or issue that alters your day to day life is the focus on mental health. For me, nurturing this means some form of meditation, getting outside frequently, moving very slowly, and bringing mindfulness into everything, daily–even while doing simple things like walking, or preparing meals. The less present and mindful we are (especially while rehabbing an injury) the more likely we continue to circulate in a state of overwhelm and exhaustion. I am very familiar with this frustrating cycle. It’s important to take the time to connect to the here and now, and the things you’re able to control, today.

I love to help people not only realize, but harness their potential with this aspect of healing. Sometimes, even the word “meditation” feels taboo, and/ or overwhelming. It’s too hard and only experienced people can do it— The irony. Something that is meant to be a source of recharge becomes a stressor. Believe me, I get it. It is hard not to let your mind think about a million things, especially right now. We are creatures of habit, routine, and hustle. On top of a global crisis, when you’re in pain or injured, calming the mind feels like climbing Everest. But when I can help someone understand their injury or complaint, educate using my evidence-based practice, and break down the seemingly overwhelming tasks of injury prevention and rehabilitation, it can be the spark that ignites a deeper healing process. Sometimes simply using guided breathing in treatments, in exercise, and in movement can calm the mind of fears, guilt, anxiousness– the emotions that come with pain and injury that hold us back.

I love what I do, because I can help clients find the root of the problem, while educating on and sharing experience in the many facets of healing. My priority is to help others help themselves– And I’m here to provide a helping hand.

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