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Persistent Pain


Your pain tells a story that is unique to you, let’s start there.


Persistent pain is any pain experience that goes on for longer than would be expected after an injury or illness. For some this experience can be weeks, months or even years. An estimated 20% of adults experience chronic and persistent pain, and symptoms can range from mild to debilitating. Persistent pain impacts quality of life, and for some people their ability to work or participate in normal activities.

When people experience persistent pain, they often have seen many clinicians and specialists, or had medical imaging done to determine the origin of their pain. Some people will get surgical treatments to address their persistent pain. These experiences will leave most people feeling lost, and hopeless.

Chronic and persistent pain can be complex and can take some time to uncover the reasons for your symptoms, but working with a clinician who has a strong experience in working with pain and grounding in evidence can make the process easier and more effective.

At Acacia Health we have a selection of clinicians with various education and training in persistent and chronic pain. Our clinicians work exceptionally well together and complement each other’s treatment approach. If you’re managing or suffering from persisting pain, one of our clinicians will be excited to work with you on a journey to recovery.

For more information on chronic and persistent pain, below are some websites and articles that are well supported with research and intended to help educate patients on pain and help with recovering from their pain experience.

Helpful Resources:

Recovering from Chronic Pain: Article #1 – This is a three-part article series written by our very own Aaron Jones, PT explaining his experience with chronic pain and sharing some successful strategies and approaches for addressing persistent pain.

Tame The Beast is a great resource website for people with persistent pain to understand what they can do to get better.

Retain Pain simplifies how pain works in a quick and entertaining way, and is a very user friendly website that is easy to navigate.

Pain BC is the local authoritative source of information about persistent pain support programs in British Columbia.

PainHealth is a website that provides clinically supported information, tips, and personal stories to help manage musculoskeletal pain.

Our Practitioners

Aaron Jones

Physiotherapist, Chronic Pain

Aaron has been a registered and practicing physiotherapist since 2008. He has a special interest in persistent & complex pain and utilizes both hands on treatments as well as exercise therapy. Aaron is focused on rehabilitation and a collaborative approach to wellness.
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Graham Robertson

Registered Massage Therapist

Special interest in treatment of migraine/tension headaches, lower-back pain, sports injuries, and prenatal massage. Focuses on Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage. Avid cyclist, philanthropist, and outdoors enthusiast.
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