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Tiffany’s IOC Diploma in Sport Nutrition – Olympic level nutrition for everyone!

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Does anyone else find that during the Olympic games, whether summer or winter, your motivation to train increases?

Perhaps this is a good time to mention the sport-specific nutrition training that our dietitian has undergone!

In December 2020, Tiffany got the news that she met all of requirements to graduate with the IOC Diploma in Sport Nutrition (IOC = International Olympic Committee). This is a two-year, two-part, post graduate program covering a variety of sport disciplines and their unique nutrition considerations. Year one takes a more general approach, covering some basic physiology, nutrition science, and research considerations needed to build the foundation and get everyone up to speed. Year two gets more in-depth and focuses in on considerations aimed at optimizing nutrition strategies for specific types of activity, different populations, and environmental considerations.

In addition to scenario and research-based exams to conclude each year, various projects were also assigned including the completion of article reviews, research projects, and case studies with the goal of publication in scholarly journals.

So what does this really mean? How can Tiffany help me? Do I have to be a high-performance athlete to benefit?

NO! Tiffany has the knowledge and skills to work with anyone from the recreational to elite levels in almost any sport including:

  • Youth athletes
  • Para athletes
  • Masters aged athletes

What types of things might Tiffany be able to help me with?

Tiffany takes an individualized, evidence-based approach to help you develop nutrition strategies aimed at:

  • Optimizing your nutrition to improve performance and recovery
    • AKA what to eat and drink before, during, and after exercise/competition
  • Preventing and managing injury and illness
  • Periodized nutrition strategies
  • Managing body composition
  • Mitigating the effect of heat or altitude training
  • Considerations for race/tournament day and eating on the go
  • Sifting through the information and misinformation regarding supplements and fad diets
  • Special considerations for athletes with restrictive diets

Interested in learning more?

Book a free 15-minute meet and greet appointment with Tiffany to help determine if this is right for you!