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ICBC Flat Fee Program for Chiropractic Care

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*** ICBC is canceling the Flat-Fee program as of March 31st, 2019. It is being replaced with Fee-For-Service design. Stay tuned for more information ***

Our Chiropractor, Ken Alexander, has recently obtained an ICBC Supplier Number. Dr Alexander can now treat those with ICBC insurance claims under the Flat Fee Program.

If you are an ICBC customer and have been in a motor vehicle accident, you are covered by ICBC for Chiropractic treatment. You are pre-approved for 14 weeks of treatment under the Flat Fee Program and can begin treatment with a Chiropractor immediately after you report the claim. There is NO NEED for approval from your adjustor or Medical Doctor first. ICBC pays the clinic directly so you do not have to pay any user fees. Just bring your claim number and adjustor’s name and number to your first chiropractic visit and we can confirm you are covered.

Are there any exceptions to participation in the program?

The program is voluntary. These exceptions may apply to people wanting to participate in the program:

  • If a claim may be WorkSafeBC related, but you want to pursue the claim through ICBC, you will need seek advice from your ICBC adjuster.
  • If the date of injury is more than eight weeks from the date of the first chiropractic visit. If ICBC is already covering other health services for you, then you can access Chiropractic care under the Flat Fee program. If ICBC is not already providing other health services, then you will need to contact your ICBC adjuster for approval.
  • If you are receiving chiropractic care from multiple professionals. If treatment begins within two weeks of the your first visit with the initial chiropractor and before a second visit with that same/initial chiropractor, then you may continue your care with the new chiropractor under the Flat Fee Program. If you are seeking treatment from a second chiropractor after your second visit to the initial provider, or after two weeks have lapsed since the start of treatment, the second chiropractic provider will need to contact the ICBC adjuster before providing services.

If you have any questions regarding the Flat Fee Program, please call us at (250) 475-1522.