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COVID-19 NOTICE: In person appointments at our Westside location resume June 1, 2020. Please review our Health & Safety Protocols and our full COVID-19 Notice

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Protein Redistribution Diet for folks with Parkinson’s Disease.

Dr. Pamela Hutchison ND and Tiffany Rusch RD created this presentation for PWP Victoria and presented on January 25, 2021....

Mental Health Supports – Local, Provincial, National

The stress of this pandemic, and the social distancing that comes with it, is having an effect on the mental...

COVID-19 Updates

We are accepting bookings for in-person appointments, resuming June 1, 2020, at our Westside location. Please review our new Health & Safety Protocols.

Measles Outbreak – Considerations for Adults

We all have, by now, heard of the multiple cases of measles in both Washington State and Vancouver.  Given we...

Depression – A symptom of an inflamed brain.

Depression has been known to be associated with increased inflammatory markers in the blood for some time now, but to say inflammation is a cause of depression as a symptom, is a bit different.

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for Depression

Low dose electricity, applied to the body, is nothing new. Already, at Acacia, we may add electrical stimulation to acupuncture...

Update from the World Parkinson Congress 2016

Update from the World Parkinson Congress 2016 Dr Pamela Hutchison ND I had a great time at the World Parkinson...

Maggie Claydon

Get to Know: Maggie Claydon

Get to Know: Maggie Claydon – Registered Clinical Counsellor Part of our ongoing series introducing you to our team. Why...