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Dr. Amy Gilchrist ND receives BC Achievement Community Award!

Our own Dr. Amy Gilchrist was awarded a BC Achievement Community Award on May 10th in a formal presentation ceremony held in Victoria, BC (at Government House),in the presence of the Honourable Janet Austin, OBC, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.

Men’s Pelvic Health: Is there a place for it in massage therapy?

Imagine experiencing pain in the most intimate of areas. The narrow variety of treatment options available are not only invasive,...

What can a Kinesiologist do for me?

The long-awaited answer to a question posed by many. The majority of people may not know what kinesiology is, let...

Rehabilitation in Persistent Pain

Pain Science and Stress Biology Explained We, as health care professionals, are moving away from the concept that persistent pain...

Me, Myself, and my Foam Roller

There has been a surge over the last few years at local gyms and clubs with clients using foam rollers...

ICBC Flat Fee Program for Chiropractic Care

*** ICBC is canceling the Flat-Fee program as of March 31st, 2019. It is being replaced with Fee-For-Service design. Stay...

Mindfulness for Persistent Pain

Can mindfulness change pain? Mindfulness meditation has been shown to activate parts of the brain that reduce pain and dampen...

The Dangers of Sitting

There are many studies now that show sitting can have a negative impact on our health. Some quotes are even...

dry needling by physiotherapist

What IS the difference between IMS, Dry Needling, and Acupuncture?

There are many ways to use needles to affect change in local tissue or whole body systems.  In this article,...

5 Chiropractic Myths

Summary of a video by Dr. Shawn Thistle – Chiropractor I recently stumbled upon a great video1 by an esteemed...

What is that Cracking Sound?

As a chiropractor, I often get labeled as a professional “bone cracker”. What people are referring to is joint manipulation...

Vitamin D and the Immune System

As we enter the time of year here in Victoria when sunny days are fewer and further between, the question of vitamin D supplementation is one we hear often as Naturopathic Doctors.

What is your core?

Most people who have experienced low back pain have been told, “strengthen your core!” However not all of us know exactly what that means...

Three Levels of Chinese Medicine

There’s a bunch of words I often use to describe the work I do, which all point to the multifaceted nature of Chinese Medicine. I’m going to elaborate on the three distinct, but overlapping, realms of treatment in this tradition.