Get to Know: Maggie Claydon – Registered Clinical Counsellor

Part of our ongoing series introducing you to our team.

Maggie Claydon

Why did you decide to become a clinical counsellor?

M: As social creatures we can learn so much from each other about how we can see our thoughts and behaviours differently, through the act of sharing, expressing and exploring. As a counsellor, my aim is always to give my clients alternative perspectives, insights and to give awareness to areas that are needing attention.

Name one thing you think everyone can benefit from in terms of their overall health?

M: Unplugging from devices and social media. Explore how to fill that space with people, nature and creativity. Try unplugging for a day…you will see life in a new way!

What is one thing you do everyday to stay healthy that is non-negotiable?

M: Balancing rest with activity, and noticing what I need each day may be different. If my day demands a lot of sitting, I find time to workout and take advantage of any space in my day where I can move my body. If my day is very active, I find space to rest, meditate and sit in nature.

Who inspires you?

M: Anyone who is pursuing the life they want to create for themselves. Anyone who can notice when some aspect of their life is not serving them and is willing to examine it. Anyone who uses their knowledge and creativity for the betterment of themselves and those around them. My clients continually inspire me – I am hugely grateful to be witness to their positive change!

Maggie is one of our very talented clinical counsellors here at Acacia.  She offers 30 minute free sessions to explore what therapy with her is like, and to see if you would feel like there is a good fit with her.

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