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The feedback received most often from those being treated is that Dr Will respects their boundaries and treats them within the scope they are comfortable with. He does his best to explain the process and expectations during and after treatment. The intention is for you to feel heard and a part of the process. He will recommend treatments and options for care, then we can work together to accommodate comfort levels.

Dr Will can provide you with both an efficient option that supports your busy lifestyle, as well as an option that allows you both to sit uninterrupted to share or discuss your health or go through movements. Being there when you need him is a priority and giving choice and guidance around how best to care for you is important. 

While Dr Will does adjust, he also offers stretches, mobility, posture, movement screen, and specific soft tissue to help with movement. 

Main areas of expertise:

  • Full spine (neck to low back)
  • Headaches
  • Pelvis/hip
  • Ankle/feet
  • Disc-related issues and nerve irritation/pain
  • Running, walking, biking
  • Sport-specific movements: lacrosse, hockey, pickleball, golf; agility and quick side to side movements, understanding body position within a skill set
  • First point of contact for ICBC; involves treatment but also guidance on who to see and when, helps with goals and treatment plans with ICBC

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