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ICBC – Direct Billing

ICBC has changed the way they manage and carry out injury claims for people injured in car accidents. They created a care-based insurance model that focuses on ease of access to health services. We are working with ICBC to provide a streamlined approach to your health after an accident. We offer direct billing to ICBC for many orthopaedic services to help you recover from any injuries.

With the ICBC injury claim process, they’ve allotted a certain amount of treatments with direct billing for more modalities than before. The following services that Acacia offers now covered by ICBC:

Chiropractic                     Athletic Therapy                Physiotherapy               Kinesiology
Acupuncture                 Clinical Counselling             Massage Therapy

Once you start your claim, your ICBC claim adjuster will provide you with details of what is covered under your Accident Benefits for medical care and treatment. With your claim number, you can book in with any of the services mentioned above. Please note that our costs may differ from ICBC coverage. Please check in with our amazing front end team at the time of your appointment to pay any balance ICBC doesn’t cover. If you have extended health benefits you may be able to claim the additional cost, however these cannot be direct billed.

If your accident was more than 12 weeks ago ICBC requires a doctor’s note and new treatment plan to be submitted prior to direct billing. This means you will have to pay for your first appointment with us. However, you can send the receipt to ICBC for payment once the treatment plan is approved.

Many studies have proven that receiving rehabilitation and treatment in the immediate weeks following an MVA with dramatically reduce symptoms and improve overall recovery from accident-related injuries (1).