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Direct Billing

We offer Direct Billing to extended benefit plans at BOTH our locations.

What plans do you direct bill for?

We can direct bill to the following plan providers:

What services can you direct bill for?

We offer direct billing for massage therapyacupuncturechiropracticphysiotherapy, and naturopathic appointments. At this time, we cannot direct bill to extended health insurance for Athletic TherapyOsteopathy appointments, or Clinical Counselling.

 How does it work?

When you schedule an appointment, you will be sent an online intake form to fill in. Please fill in the Insurance Information section of your online intake form if you would like us to direct bill to your extended health insurance on your behalf (paper copies of this form are available at the clinic if necessary). The client will fill out and sign a direct billing information and consent form, and the claim will be submitted while the client is in their appointment or once they’ve come out of their appointment (if the appointment length is subject to change).

The claim is submitted through a secure online portal which communicates the amount covered by the insurance company for the appointment. The client will be charged the remaining amount that the insurance company doesn’t cover if applicable. Sometimes claims are subject to additional review in order to determine the coverage, In this case the client will have to pay for the appointment in full and the client will be responsible for submitting the claim to their extended health provider themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a primary and a secondary plan?
At this time, we can only direct bill to your primary plan.

What if I have a plan provider that is not listed above?
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer direct billing to any plan provider not listed above but we will provide you with the receipt that you can submit to your extended health insurers.

Can the clinic find out which services I am covered for and how much coverage I get for each one?
No. In order to determine your extended health coverage, you must contact the insurance company directly or find out from your employer. Each plan is different and we do not have access to that information.

What about the Dietitian, can I use direct billing for that treatment?
We can direct bill to the following plans for dietitian treatments: CanadaLife, BPA, Chambers of Commerce, CINUP, Claims Secure, First Canadian, Johnston Group, Maximum Benefits, IA Financial, GMS, Medavie Blue Cross.
We cannot direct bill the following plans for dietitian treatments: Sunlife, Pacific Blue Cross, Desjardins, ICBC
Check in with your extended health insurance provider to determine if you have dietitian coverage.

Further questions?
We are happy to answer any other direct billing questions you might have.  Call us at 250-475-1522 ext. 1 to speak with one of our patient care coordinators.