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COVID-19 NOTICE: In person appointments at our Westside location resume June 1, 2020. Please review our Health & Safety Protocols and our full COVID-19 Notice

Clinic Policies

Cancellations and Missed Visits

We require 24 hours notice for cancellations.

Initial visits that are missed (or cancelled late) will require pre-payment by credit card in order to be re-booked.

Our current missed visit fees are:

We do not bill for missed visits due to inclement weather. Please stay home if the roads are dangerous. We will gladly rebook you!

Payment Policy

Payments are due in full at the end of each visit.

Medication Prescription refills (Naturopathic Doctors only)

We bill 30 dollars for refill requests that occur outside of a scheduled visit.  Please allow up to 5 business days for your request to be refilled.  Payment by credit card is required before we send the prescription to the pharmacy.

Third party forms

Billing for third party forms is under the discretion of the individual practitioner.  If you require a form filled out, and want to know the fee, please call the clinic for further information.

Scent-free clinics

We have many patients who react to perfume and other scents, even if they are from a natural source. Please refrain from wearing strongly scented products if you are attending a visit at either site.

Dogs and Pets

At Acacia we understand that dogs and pets can be a valuable part of a person’s health and well being.  We also are aware that we have many patients and practitioners with allergies to pet dander.

Dogs and pets are, in general, are not allowed at the clinic with exception of:

  1. Certified Therapy Dogs:  Certified Therapy Dogs are allowed in the clinic within the following guidelines:

a. We are made aware ahead of time that you will have a therapy dog in the clinic.  Please call the clinic and notify one of our patient care providers.

b. No dogs, including therapy dogs, are allowed in a room when someone is receiving prolotherapy, IV therapy, or any injection of any sort.  This is to prevent infection during higher risk procedures.


Acacia Health welcomes people who are LGBTQ, gender fluid, and more.

We welcome people from all races and backgrounds, as well as folks with any form of health concern or impairment.

An environment of mutual respect

Acacia Health has a no tolerance policy for behaviour or conduct that could be reasonably considered as harassing, threatening, violent, or abusive.

Patients who behave in these ways may be banned from the clinic as a whole.

Concerns about your experience with us?

It is our policy to address patient concerns in a timely matter, and in a way that re-establishes trust in our clinicians and operations.

If you have a concern, please write to the Office Manager of the clinic site where the problem occurred: