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Get to know Kristin Bulger, Clinical Counsellor

Why did you decide to become a clinical counsellor? Like many of us, my career path took a few twists...


Acupuncture has a long and broad history that covers thousands of years. Even today, there are numerous distinct styles of...

5 Chiropractic Myths

Summary of a video by Dr. Shawn Thistle – Chiropractor I recently stumbled upon a great video1 by an esteemed...

Recipe for Happiness

One pinch of purpose and a handful of connectedness: As summer starts to wind down, it’s a good time to...

Spring Cleaning for the Psyche

As we transition into spring and summer, now is a great time to declutter our minds and our life. While...

Sublingual Immunotherapy for Seasonal Allergies

After a long cold winter many of us here in Victoria are wondering “is this it? Is this spring?” Tree...

What is that Cracking Sound?

As a chiropractor, I often get labeled as a professional “bone cracker”. What people are referring to is joint manipulation...

Urinary Incontinence While Running – Pelvic Floor Rehab

Many women engage in exercise for its many benefits, including managing stress and burning calories, but also for pure enjoyment...

Graham Robertson is awarded the Sovereigns Medal from the Governor General

Graham Robertson RMT founded the Cycle of Life Tour, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for end-of-life hospice care in Victoria, the Gulf Islands, and the rest of Vancouver Island.

Vitamin D and the Immune System

As we enter the time of year here in Victoria when sunny days are fewer and further between, the question of vitamin D supplementation is one we hear often as Naturopathic Doctors.


Eat to Beat the Winter Blues

Cooler temperatures and darker days don’t have to bring you down. By eating the right foods and staying inspired, you can feel your best all year long!

What is your core?

Most people who have experienced low back pain have been told, “strengthen your core!” However not all of us know exactly what that means...

Lice Facts and Natural, Effective Treatment

Natural shampoos and combing. Top 10 natural lice treatment tips.

Three Levels of Chinese Medicine

There’s a bunch of words I often use to describe the work I do, which all point to the multifaceted nature of Chinese Medicine. I’m going to elaborate on the three distinct, but overlapping, realms of treatment in this tradition.

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for Depression

Low dose electricity, applied to the body, is nothing new. Already, at Acacia, we may add electrical stimulation to acupuncture...

Fall into Creativity

Fall into Creativity Tracy Lowe (Counsellor) MA, CCC, FAMI It’s fall! The shorter, grey days can mean low energy and...