Dr. Ken Alexander is our new Chiropractor at Acacia Health Westside. So far he’s made a meaningful impact for patients he’s seeing at Acacia, and he has a wonderful story of recovery and what drew him to chiropractic care as a career choice. We want to share his story with you. We hope you enjoy his story, and for more information and links book him online, check out his profile.   ?         ?         ?         ?

My recovery story

I have found that patients appreciate hearing my personal recovery story. This experience changed me, changed my life, and has made me a better doctor.

In the summer of 2012, a friend and I were hiking. My footing was lost going around a rock face and I fell off the side of the cliff. I was airlifted to the hospital. The doctors discovered I had fractured three bones in my back and four ribs. I also had a collapsed lung, two broken teeth, as well as multiple lacerations and bruises.

I was lucky to be alive, but recovery was one of the hardest physical/mental obstacle that I have ever had to overcome. I remember when I went back to the hospital for my second chest X-ray, the doctor that was overseeing my case took my wife aside and said, “Make sure he does everything for himself.  Don’t so much as make him a sandwich”. I was astonished. Here I was barely able to move without extreme pain, and I was being told that I had to keep pushing. That was tough to hear, but so important.

Movement is what the body craves in order to be able to function at it’s best. If we remain motionless, we limit ourselves and allow the pain to dictate what we can, and cannot, do. To help the pain, I went to see a chiropractor. Although chiropractic adjustments are valuable, they are not the only thing that chiropractors do! My chiropractor was able to help relieve some of the back pain that I was experiencing, they also gave me a list of exercises to do to further help with pain and start strengthening weak areas. The exercises were time-consuming, frustrating, and at the time seemed pointless. However, they were invaluable. Slowly I started to see progression in my condition. I started moving easier and I noticed I could do more in my daily life.

One of the biggest reasons I am a chiropractor today is because of this incident. I know what it is like to be injured, and I understand the journey of recovery. I know the feeling of being frustrated with the pain to the point of tears. Though my experience seemed terrible at the time, I wouldn’t give it up for anything. I learned so much during this period of my life, about pain, movement, exercise, and a positive mental outlook. If you’re dealing with pain, whether it be a new injury or a lingering one, and you are ready to make a change, lets talk.